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Man of Sperrin Stories: Lillian Wright

Lillian Wright has been cycling for 6 years and in 2017 decided to take on Man of Sperrin. Here’s what she has to say about the experience…

Where are you from?

How long have you been cycling?
About 6 years

How did you get into cycling?
Started off with my husband who is a cycling instructor then I started a beginners group with Evelyn Donnelly. Met some new cycling buddies and have never looked back!

Are you part of a cycling club? If so who?
I’m not part of a cycling club.

How did you hear about Man of Sperrin 2017?
Found out about Man of Sperrin through Facebook and a few friends.

What made you decide to accept the challenge?
My friend insisted I did this for a challenge

Did you train much in advance?
Didn’t do as much training as I should have.

How well prepared were you for the hills?
Was not at all prepared for the hills. Walked few but I got there.

Did you train specifically for the Man of Sperrin route?
No, not really. Just my usual 40/50 miles twice a week

What do you remember most about Man of Sperrin 2017?
The hills and more hills lol. Great scenery, lovely bunch of people, good crack and really well marshalled.

Are you taking part in 2018?
I may be taking part 2018, but I need loads of training on the hills.

What is your target?
My target this year is to do more sportive 50 miles plus. Out of my depth last year so know what to expect now.

Any tips or advice for those thinking of taking on Man of Sperrin for the first time in 2018?
If doing man of the sperrins for the first time do your training on the hills and just go and enjoy the experience.

What is the best cycling related advice you have ever been given?
Best cycling tip from my husband never get off on a hill. Easier said than done. It’s for fun just go and enjoy.