Man of Sperrin Stories: Liam Doherty

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Man of Sperrin Stories: Liam Doherty

Liam Doherty, a survivor of 2017, is planning to come back for more in 2018, and he has some great advice for first time climbers – DON’T STOP!

Where are you from?
Originally Strabane but now Lurgan

How long have you been cycling?
4 years

How did you get into cycling?
I had fancied road cycling for quite a few years and eventually bought a bike through cycle to work

Are you part of a cycling club? If so who?
Yes, part of Apollo Cycling Team in Lurgan

How did you hear about Man of Sperrin 2017?
I had seen it shared by a friend of mine and thought it looked great

What made you decide to accept the challenge?
I knew the countryside and thought it would be a really nice route, and a great challenge

Did you train much in advance?
I had trained quite a bit last year in the lead up to the Gran Fondo. Had done a good few sportives across the country.

How well prepared were you for the hills?
I thought I was prepared, but I thought wrong lol

Did you train specifically for the Man of Sperrin route?
No. I had done a good bit of cycling in the Mournes and thought that would stand me in good stead for it.

What do you remember most about Man of Sperrin 2017?
The sense of achievement, support and marshalling. Benbradagh was the the hardest climb I had done last year, and the number of people on the side of the climb willing you up it helped keep the legs ticking over. Even got a helpful shove at one point.

Are you taking part in 2018?
Yes, definitely will take part this year

What is your target?
To do 10 miles of a warmup beforehand so I’m a bit more prepared for Benbradagh

Any tips or advice for those thinking of taking on Man of Sperrin for the first time in 2018?
Do it. I done a good few sportives over 100miles in 2017 with plenty of climbing, none of them matched the sense of achievement I had when I finished Man of Sperrin, and they look after you!

What is the best cycling related advice you have ever been given?
Don’t try and keep up with people on climbs, take them at your own pace, and don’t stop.