Award winning Italian photojournalist to shoot Man of Sperrin

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Award winning Italian photojournalist to shoot Man of Sperrin

Bruno Tamiozzo, an internationally acclaimed photographer, who worked for Rolling Stone magazine, will be covering the Man of Sperrin Sportive this Sunday.

Tamiozzo, whose pictures literally appeared ‘on the cover of a Rolling Stone,’ shot big arena rock legends from Pink Floyd to Bruce Springsteen to Metallica.

The Italian, who has an exhibition currently running in New York has won numerous international awards.

But on Sunday, Tamiozzo will be planted near the famous ‘bridge’ on Benbradagh to capture the determination and anguish of the Man of Sperrin cyclists who will attempt to conquer Dungiven’s citadel of pain.

The multiple award winning photojournalist who specialises in social reportage, has travelled the world capturing breath-taking images and on Sunday he will train his eye on events in The Sperrins.

Born in Rome in 1976, Tamiozzo spent five years capturing life in India to stunning effect. In September 2009, he bought an open ticket and travelled the length and breadth of the USA capturing life in many of the remotest corner of the states.

His work featuring imagery from life in NewYork to Utah, Ohio and New Mexico was showcased in the “A portrait of America” exhibition at the Joy Wai Gallery, NYC, to mark the re-election of Barack Obama in 2012.

From Rome to Africa, India, the USA and now The Sperrins, we welcome Bruno and look forward to seeing his interpretation of our event and our landscape.

Benvenuti a Derry!