Who organises the event?

The event is organised by volunteer members of Club Derry alongside the Train Station Gym, Maghera. Club Derry is a not for profit organisation and is the the largest single sponsor of Gaelic Games in County Derry. Club Derry members commit to an ongoing financial contribution to coaching and games development in the county, as [...]

Where does my money go?

The majority of the registration fee is used to help ensure that the event is a safe, memorable and enjoyable experience for all. Funds raised through commercial sponsorship helps with upkeep and maintenance of the Owenbeg centre.  In 2019, we also made a £1000 donation to our chosen charity of Charis Cancer Care, and have [...]

How can I help with the event?

In the Man of Sperrin team our ambition matches our landscape for grandness. The Sperrin Mountains are one of Ireland’s best kept secrets, and whilst we don’t want to diminish their remote splendour, we do want people to know how wonderful they are, particularly for cycling! So if you’re over 18 years and as passionate [...]

What time does the event start?

The official on-road time is 9am. We will publish further instructions and timings regarding registration and pre-event details in due course.

What do I do if I need info/help on the day?

For general help and assistance just ask a volunteer, they’ll be easily identified by their event t-shirt or high viz. You can also flag down a support car or marshal. For emergencies use the numbers provided on your wristband.

Do I need to carry a bag or rucksack with food and clothing?

Absolutely not. A bag isn’t essential, will probably slow you down and use up valuable energy. Travel as light as possible. Use your jersey pockets to carry stuff. If you feel you need to carry lots of things use a bar bag or pannier bag instead.

Can I do it on any type of bike?

As long as it’s roadworthy… yes. We’d recommend a road bike or a hybrid bike with skinny tyres - they’ll cover the ground a lot quicker and use less of your energy. The heavier the bike and the chunkier the tyres - the longer and tougher it gets. It is already tough enough!

Is there a time limit to complete the event?

There’s no time limit - however we expect the majority of riders to be finished between 11:00 and 1530. We will have out riders and marshals on the course so no one will be left on the routes and the facilities will be available until every one is finished.

Will I get my registration number/pack sent out in the post?

No - we do everything on the morning of the event. When you register on-line you will get a receipt of payment. At that stage we have your name and address on the data base. You simply come to the sign-on area on the morning, find your name on the sign-on sheets, sign on, pick [...]